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Recent Collaborations, Partnerships and Clients


Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)


Federal House of Representatives - Nigeria


Green Angle, TV Continental - World Program


African Free Zones Association (AFZA)


Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN)


Faculty of Law, University of Lagos, Lagos - Nigeria


Centre for Sustainable Development, University of Ibadan, Ibadan - Nigeria


International Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (INCSR)


Nigerian Maritime Administration and Regulatory Agency (NIMASA)




The Nigerian Police Force - Zone 2 Head Quarters, Lagos



The training enhanced my knowledge of CSR. It was very educative and satisfactory. It is very essential and important especially to regulatory institutions and corporate organisations. The training materials were rich and self-explanatory. I would also score the facilitator 80% that even at a very short notice; he was able to arrange for the training.


I hereby recommend that De Bernards Consulting Ltd be given the opportunity to educate companies, institutions and other stakeholders on CSR/Sustainability as its importance cannot be neglected ...everyone should be given the opportunity to attend this training in order to enhance their reputation and sustain their business


- Mrs F. I. John Bamaiyi (CBN)






The Corporate Social Responsibility Practitioners' programme held in Lagos was very educative and informative....I would like to recommend it to not just the Governor’s department but all departments of the Central Bank alike in order to increase productivity and enlightenment as a regulator...the facilitators were knowledgeable, very good in expression and demonstrated sense of responsibility. The instruments / course materials were excellent.


- Mr J A Suleiman (CBN) 29/09/2017


Current Major Projects


Consultancy, Business Impact Assessment and Mediation Project for some communities in Apapa, Lagos Nigeria involving about 5 multinational oil and gas companies on adverse environmental and pollution issues




Consulting for the Federal House of Representatives on Deforestation and Associated Corrupt Practices, and the effects on Global Warming




IEMA Sustainability/CSR Certification Courses around Africa



Coming soon!!!!


Green Bond Certification Programs

De Bernards Consulting


Our Services


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability Experts


Audits, Consultancy, Training and Advisory Services

With a combined experience of over 35 years in CSR and Sustainability, our team of consultants are readily available to provide consultation and advisory services to Governments, Enterprises, Regulatory Bodies, Civil Society Organisations and the general public in areas such as:


Site Audits – With experience in over 80 countries, our international team of auditors and consultants can assess your organization against any salient risks, be it financial or reputational and identify opportunities for sustainability in the market place.


This may be potential interwoven risks posed to a regulatory agency, an environmental risk in a production company or an intricate combination of supply chain issues that may adversely affect bottom-line


Stakeholder Audit and Engagement – Awareness, Strategy, Structure and Process are key to stakeholder engagement. We can work with organizations to audit their key stakeholders be it a global supply chain network, financial investment partner, an insurance client or licensed shipping line, then review their strategy enabling us to help to structure and put in place a CSR process which will in turn help to identify enhancement opportunities. We can then build a customized training program that allows field teams and internal stakeholders to improve performance in this critical area.


Programs normally involve an initial review and assessment period followed by a classroom training session and a field mentoring period and culminating in a final classroom session. Ongoing mentoring and support is also available.


Redefining CSR and Sustainability Programs – CSR and sustainability spending is often more focused on corporate philanthropy not creating the desired societal value to stakeholders. We help companies to create and capture more stakeholder value from existing CSR and sustainability programs.


Employee Training Programs – We specialize in designing and implementing sector-focused training programs and practical learning events tailored to your needs. These programs are usually delivered at desired project sites and training venues.


We also provide other training programs across the region on CSR and HRDD. The training schedules are published twice per year on our website and other online platforms.


Strategic CSR Planning and Implementation – We work with organizations to assess CSR needs and develop a strategic CSR plan for their organization. With an understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges through sample audits, we develop and deliver training programs that facilitate efficient and sustainable implementation of the CSR program.


CSR Partnership Programs / Public Private Partnerships (PPP) – Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) have emerged recently as one of the best ways to foster development, fueled by insufficient resources, growing pressures on government budgets and a general concern about service provision by state enterprises and agencies.


CSR Partnerships can be an efficient means to deliver both developmental value to the community and value to the organization. Whether it is a business partnering with the public sector or a development partner, there is a potential for synergy and improved and broadened value creation. We will work with your organization to review/develop your CSR partnership strategy and then work with your team to identify and develop sustainable partnerships.


CSR Reporting and Communications – Reporting and communications are vital in achieving your CSR goals and involves all units within the organization. We will to review your CSR Reporting and Communications process, identify opportunities for increased efficiency and value creation and then help train key personnel in line with global best practice to help create shareholder value.


Social Value Brand Analysis – Every organization has a ‘social value brand’ whether you know it or not. It can help you to create value, or it can be a drag and cost you value. We can help you to understand your social value brand and use it to create shareholder value.

CSR Events – We can work with you to develop strategic CSR events to help build your public image and position your organization.


Other Services include:


  • Research and investigations on CSR / Human Rights Policy Implementation


  • Company / product risk assessment for Insurance Companies, Investors and Lenders


  • Consultation on CSR and Business policies


  • Good Governance and Democracy


  • Investigation of suspected human rights abuses for Government agencies, NGOs and corporate organisations


  • Law Enforcement and Human Rights


  • All International Instruments on Business and Human Rights including UN-GPHRB, ISO 26000, ILO Tripartite Declaration etc..


Our Strategic Partners

We are in strategic partnership with Arche Advisors Inc. USA. Between us, we have audited over 2,000 government agencies, factories, farms, shipping/logistics companies, processing plants, etc. for Fortune 500 companies in over 80 countries since 1995. Our consultants have audited mines in South Africa, NGOs in Burkina Faso, State-owned factories in Iraq, Kaesong Industrial Complex in North Korea, McDonalds supply chain around the globe (report published May 2016) and has a combined network of over 350 professionals doing 22,000 CSR assessments in 150 countries each year. We have also worked on supply chain and traceability projects in 14 African countries.


We are therefore well positioned to partner with you to create a strategic business model that will help provide a viable alternative for sustainable development in West Africa.



Other Teams


Business Consultancy

At, De Bernards Consultants, our team’s disciplined, strategic focus, exceptional cost effectiveness and depth of in-country experience allows us to win over 40% of consulting bids, versus an industry average of 25%. We offer practical services and strategies that reduce your upfront and operational costs, leading to solid results: We work to maintain a good rate of return on a Client’s investments. At De Bernards Consultants, we pride in our commitment to excellence and reputation for integrity. We strive to create long term, mutually beneficial relationships for our clients based on trustworthiness and dependability.


De Bernards Consultants’ extensive international networks include hundreds of solid contacts in each of our main foreign markets. In first-tier markets like Europe, we have high level contacts both in the private and public sector in addition to several affiliated offices in key Asian and American markets.


De Bernards Consultants also provides both interim management and permanent executive recruitment to companies that requires specialist handling of their products or for other overseas operations including manufacturing, oil and gas, internet technology as well as the provision of world class services such as teaching and conference facilitation. We have a network of internationally acclaimed professionals in different fields and are happy to discuss your requirements or provide you with initial free consultation to access your business needs.


Our extensive foreign market research allows your business to achieve attractive long term sales and earnings with far less upfront costs than you would incur going it alone.


For Exporters, De Bernards Consultants’ will simply start a new world for you in Africa leveraging on our extensive database of major agents be it in manufacturing, distribution, brand awareness, internet or services sector. Our contacts in all tiers of Government including the office of the Presidency may also be of advantage to your business if that would be the target market. In importation, We provide full life cycle consultancy and service delivery ranging from product/service identification to sourcing and entry of foreign-sourced products into the ports of Nigeria making sure that adequate research was conducted on pricing, import documentation, legislations, shipping and clearing, bank financing, etc



We are trusted by some of the world’s largest brands to be stewards of responsible supply chains.

Entrusted. Trustworthy. Entrustworthy.