We are founding members of the International Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (INCSR), an international network of organisations working to institute global best practices in the areas of corporate social responsibility, corporate governance and human rights due diligence in Africa.

De Bernards Consulting


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Company Structure

De Bernards Ltd - Holding Company


Trading as De Bernards Consulting


Key Focus Areas

- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability Consultants

- Lagos Centre for Sustainable Business (Sustainability training and workshops)

- Sustainability Roundtable in partnership with TVC News



De Bernards Ltd is an international hybrid organisation that aims at delivering high quality services to our clients around the world. Established in Nigeria, we work with organisations and government agencies around the world with similar beliefs and work ethics to fulfil this goal.






Mr. E. Onuegbu B Sc. (Nig), B IMB (Netherlands), LL M (UK)



About our CEO


Mr Eustace Onuegbu has unique combination of professional development in human rights and business - a degree in Marketing and International Business Management from Abia State University, Nigeria and Amsterdam School of Business, the Netherlands and Masters’ degree in International Human Rights Law from Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom


Eustace is a certified Senior CSR/Sustainability Practitioner with over 15 years professional experience in both international business and human rights law from Europe and Africa. He worked as a Lead Consultant for UK law firms on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), human rights and sustainable development and trained lawyers, CSR Consultants, civil society organisations and business owners/managers on corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and human rights due diligence.Eustace is an avid advocate of instituting global best practices in the conduct of CSR in Africa.


His work has covered all sectors of the economy in areas such as Business Impact Assessment (Construction, Mining/Extraction and Manufacturing sectors), Employment and Working Conditions, Child Labour, Gender Rights and Representation at Workplace, Contractual Obligations, Environmental Issues, Business and Migration, Lagos Centre for Sustainable Business (Corporate Training), The Role of Government and Overseas’ Missions (Duty to Protect), International and National Human Rights Instruments, Country Business Guides, etc. He has also worked on a number of funded projects around the world.


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Dr. Emmanuel Olayide


Senior Consultant



Olawale Emmanuel Olayide holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics from the

University of Ibadan, Nigeria and a Post Doctoral Research Fellowship at the

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana. He is currently a Research Fellow and Sub-Dean at the University of Ibadan Centre for Sustainable Development. He is a diligent, versatile, enterprising, and enthusiastic facilitator. He possesses demonstrable competencies in leadership, research and administration.


Olawale has authored over 30 publications in form of edited books, chapters in books, peer-reviewed journal articles and monographs. He is also the Editor of the African Journal of Sustainable Development. Olawale is a Member of the Board of

the International Sustainable Development Research and the Chairperson of the Thematic Working Group on Africa. He is a Member of the African Union Commission Expert Team on the Malabo Declaration Reporting Process.





Our Partners


Sustainability and CSR Insights UK

- Pioneered the development of the world's first IEMA Approved Certificate in Sustainability



Sustainability and CSR Insights © is a business strategy think-tank and an Accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) company providing courses approved by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) for the Certificate in Sustainability Strategy ©


Sustainability and CSR Insights © set the standard for content and delivery of environmental. CSR and sustainability training through robust quality assurance processes and provide professional development support aligned with IEMA Skills Map. The firm pioneered the development of the world's first accredited Certificate in Sustainability Strategy.






Our Partners


Greg Gardner

President & CEO at Arche Advisors USA - CSR/Sustainability LION 9600+


Greg has spent the last 20 years helping global retailers and brands do the right thing for their businesses by improving working conditions and protecting workers' rights around the world. He is a respected leader, visionary, and strategic thinker in the Corporate Social Responsibility industry, supporting 1000+ clients throughout the span of his career. Starting as an auditor, Greg worked his way up through the organization and served as President & CEO for 8+ years.


He has audited over 2,000 factories, farms, and processing plants for Fortune 500 companies in 87 countries. He has audited coal mines in Siberia, NGOs in Burkina Faso, state-owned factories in Iraq (in 2007), Kaesong Industrial Complex in North Korea, and managed a global team of 350 professionals doing 22,000 CSR assessments in 150 countries each year. Greg has worked on supply chain and traceability projects in 14 African countries.


After 3 changes in ownership and 1 IPO, Greg created Arche Advisors to continue his efforts to make a difference in the world through CSR. His best day at work is out in the field or on the factory floor (boots on the ground, hands in the dirt) working with owners, managers, and employees.


Greg's recent projects include:


  • 3RD Party CSR Auditor Training: (London, LA, Sydney, Shenzhen)
  • Forensic Social Auditor Training: (USA)
  • Human Rights Impact Assessment: (Indonesia)
  • Raw Material Traceability: (Eastern Europe, USA, China)
  • Agriculture Labor and Community Practices Assessments: (Global)