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Very indept training - moderation showed indept and well grounded knowledge of CSR. I am well informed on CSR issues and hope to better my organization from knowledge gained.


- Sandra O.

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I am overly impressed and unreservedly, I wish to express my gratitude to Greg, Eustace and Nelson for the training on the Role and Impact of CSR. It was enlightening. Moroso, I have been empowered to take more responsive actions in addressing this subject with other companies and organizations.


- Nwahiri G.U.


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Very educative training, should be a continuous process


- Abu, A.






Very effective CSR training that is informative and interesting. I am a lot more informed about CSR and businesses / organisations


- Usman, S.






An Excellent siminar, please keep it up


- Mbaram, I.



De Bernards Consulting



Executive CSR Workshops - Strategies to Create Shared Stakeholder Value


Date: On call


Venue: Negotiable


Offered in partnership with Arche Advisors USA


Course Fee: $2000.00

-Covers 1 day Site/Project Assessment (Audit), Training materials, DVDs, Tea/Coffee breaks, Lunch, 3 months telephone/email support, one-and-one Consultation


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2018 Mini - Conference / Open Workshop (Exludes site audits)


Date: 27th - 29th April, 2018


Venue: Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry Conference Centre, (LCCI) Ikeja Lagos


Deadline for Submission of Abstracts - 31st March 2018


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Course Background


In Africa, most businesses know that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is integral to long-term business success, but many CSR programs are either misconstrued to mean “Corporate Philanthropy” or aren't part of a coherent portfolio—often they are unstructured, unconnected, poorly managed and have little to do with the company's business goals. The goal of all CSR activities is to create shared value for all stakeholders while delivering business results. Every organization (private or public) will benefit from a strategically planned CSR policy with a unified central vision. Therefore, the need to strategically engage all units in the complexities of our CSR work is invaluable.


This program is designed to help senior executives to understand global standards for CSR, refocus CSR and sustainability efforts in ways that benefit society and the organization. You will learn how to examine your current CSR programs with a critical eye and develop an overarching CSR strategy that creates value and achieve sustainability. By bringing greater alignment and direction to your CSR activities and identifying the right KPIs to measure results effectively, you'll become better able to maximize the value of your CSR budgets or investments for all stakeholders and for the business while building a solid foundation for sustainable business.


Program Outcome


At the end of the program, participants will be able to:


•Realistically assess current CSR and sustainability efforts and design an action plan for achieving better impact

•Design a functional CSR strategy while maintaining a broad array of activities with distinct purposes

•Prioritize budgets and investments that will incrementally improve organization's ability to deliver shared stakeholder value

•Make a strong case for an organization’s CSR strategy and report effectively on social, environmental, and business impact—internally and externally

•Adopt global best practice in communicating, reporting and reviewing CSR programs

•Improve coordination of CSR efforts across the organization

•Create positive, productive relationships with internal and external stakeholders

•Successfully engage third party CSR auditors while identifying areas for interest

•Improve bottom-line through effective CSR programs


Your Course of Study


Through presentations, small group discussions, exercises, and recent case studies from around the world, you will examine the practical approaches successful companies are using to integrate CSR strategies with the long-term needs of the business and evolve their strategies as business needs change.


As you learn from our expert team and the diverse experiences of other executives, you will learn how to maximize the shared value delivered by your CSR programs—and how to effectively measure and communicate that value.


Core topics include:


•Understanding CSR

•Examining the social and environmental impacts of your business activities to identify opportunities

•Conducting an inventory of your current CSR programs

•Creating a blueprint for change

•Redefining environmental and social benefits within three distinct areas—Philanthropy, Operational Impact, and Shared Value

•Consolidating your efforts around company goals and objectives

•Evolving your CSR activities to align with global best practices

•Building your ability to create shared value for all stakeholders

•Making the business case for your CSR strategy

Implementing Social Responsibility Program

•Training subordinates and capacity building

•Integrating CSR best practices into key business areas, disseminating policy effectively, and embedding CSR within organizational culture

•Integrating social responsibility metrics into general performance management systems

•Measuring social and business impact

•Communicating the goals and impact of CSR efforts to colleagues, shareholders, and other stakeholders


Managing Risk and Decision Making


•Evaluating complex environments and potential impacts before investing capital or making business decisions

•Identifying current vulnerabilities and predicting future pitfalls

•Preparing for crisis scenarios

•Integrating CSR initiatives in vendor and supplier agreements

•Interacting effectively with diverse internal and external stakeholders


Who Is Right for the Program


This program is designed primarily for decision makers who direct corporate social responsibility programs at large established companies and agencies of government or who oversee related departments such as public affairs, philanthropy, sustainability, environmental health and safety, or community affairs.




•CEO/Founder/Chairman Board of Directors

•Executive Director – CSR, Marketing, Corporate Communications, Sustainability, etc.

•Deputy Director - Corporate Communications, Corporate and Community Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility

•Director of Environmental Health and Safety

•Chief Sustainability Officer

•Head of the Company Foundation


Individuals or teams are welcome to attend. When two or more executives attend as a team, their combined learning will facilitate rapid and effective implementation of frameworks and approaches.


Course Fee: $2,000 (N700,000.00)

The program fee covers tuition, case materials and lunch.



Although there are no formal educational requirements, admission is a selective process based on professional achievement and organizational responsibility. We expect participants on this program to have good understanding on decision making processes in large establishments and multinationals companies. Therefore, we look for professionals who have demonstrated business talent and leadership potential.


Team Attendance

This program is appropriate for individuals as well as teams of executives from the same organization. When colleagues attend a program together, the organization benefits from their shared knowledge and common vision. This, in turn, enables participants to enhance their ability to pursue business goals as a team, effect critical transformations, and transfer knowledge.


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If you submit your application online, we will promptly acknowledge receipt of your submission via email. In the unlikely event that an email acknowledgment is not received, please contact the team by email: admin@debernardsltd.com


Site / Project Assessment (Audit)

The CSR team will attend your site - factory, construction, shipping, agricultural farm, regulatory agency, bank/insurance office before or immediately after the 2 days classroom training to help you conduct a test assessment of your current CSR program with the view of consolidating your efforts around company goals and objectives.