2017 Africa Conference

Working in partnership with the International Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (INCSR) on the 3rd Africa Conference

The conference is designed for -


• African Governments and organisations working on the implementation of SDGs, International Organisations,African Union, ECOWAS member sates, the International Community in Africa, United Nations and all other SDG key stakeholders


• Enterprises and Business leaders looking to share their experiences and gain valuable new insight into the theory of SDGs and National Development


• Federal and State Agencies, Free Zone management, Stakeholders - Shipping, Aviation, Banking, Insurance and other companies


• CSR, HR, Sustainability and Compliance managers seeking practical tools, solutions and advice, and the opportunity to build their network of peers and partners


• Policy makers, DGs, CEOs, MDs, Heads of Departments, Strategic planners who recognise the importance of CSR/Sustainability in creating shared value for all stakeholders and for their business


• CSO/NGOs seeking to explore partnerships and co-operation opportunities with both private and public sectors


• Investors, donor organisations, community organisations and others looking to share their perspectives with leading businesses and work collaboratively in making Africa a better place to live and work.

Registration Policy


Attendance to the Conference is on a first come, first served basis. The Local Organising Committee reserves the right to decline participation due to space limitations. An early completion of the registration form and payment is strongly advised.

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